Precision PAPR Mask 6000

Powered Air Pressure Respirator 


Precision PAPR Mask 6000




The TraXure Precision PAPR mask is a battery-powered blower that provides airflow through a filter, cartridge, or canister to a full-face mask.

The positive air pressure created in the mask protects the user as follows:

Because more air enters the mask than exits the mask it leads to a higher pressure inside the mask.

The result of diffusion is the movement of anything from a region of higher concentration to a

region of lower concentration.

This will inhibit contaminated air or airborne pathogens to enter the mask.




8 hour plus Lithium ion battery pack (Rechargeable)
Pressure regulator allows for Custom Filters
Standard universal filter connection (22 Gauge)
Bracket for attaching loops
LED light powered by the rechargeable battery pack (Controlled with a capacitive sensing switch allowing zero contact)




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